How to Pack For A Week Boot Camp

When it came to packing for a 2-week long boot camp, I used to get worried about how could I pack all these things into one bag or two.  We usually think of packing “everything” with us in case we might need something, more rather than less.  But we forgot that we won’t ride on our car, and most important, we must carry our gears on our own weight.
The given packing list sure not includes all things that I personally need, plus I prefer not to carry too much.  I have learned in the hard way: Quick, Less and Efficient are the key words.  I will show you some tips that I also do for myself here below:
1.  An Empty Luggage
I’d like something that I can put things organized in place.  Luggage is like a small mobile shelf that enables me to get what I need right away, not need to dump all the stuff out of a green bag just searching for a…shirt!?!
Plus, you can use it as a secure box for your valuable items such as laptop, iPod, etc. when you’re out for fun training.  Don’t forget a small lock!
2. A Small Crate that could be fixed in the luggage
This crate is used for your toiletry kit, keep things organized.
3. Carry Essentials with you
Conserve space and avoid wrinkles by rolling your clothes.
Military trick.  Fold shirts in haft the long way then roll them up tightly like rolling a burrito.  Then your undergarments and such…
4. Bring some extra Ziploc and couple of hangers.
I’d like to pack anything liquidity in Ziploc such as sunscreen, personal hygiene, etc.   Put Shampoo/Conditioner, Body Soap, Face Wash, Toothbrush and Toothpaste in one Ziploc.  You can get travel size from drugstores for less than $1.
You can rearrange the combo for your needs, like hairspray, facial products, etc.  The purpose for this is that you think ahead of what you will be using/doing so when it comes you just pick the combo Ziploc out and go.
**Remember you will be sharing the bathroom with everyone else, so this helps you saving your time.
Hangers for wet towels and/or shirts
5. Last but not least, don’t forget a few remedies for unexpected ailments and accidents
Band-aids, Immodium, Tums
Supplements, vitamins, Tylenol, airborne.
6. The rest (sleeping bag, running/shower shoes, green blouses/trousers, other gears, etc.)  you can stuff them all in the green bag.
Optional:  a small backpack of snacks 🙂
Now, you are ready to go with all the necessaries for a HARD and HOT training.

hOnEy bUn

just another day


oh well…today was a hectic day as usual.  I got a fun presentation with a programming project.  It’s a customer survey system…yea sounds simple that’s why I did a lot of designing, coloring, basically decorating the interface user form.

the background is based on the restaurant theme so i made lots of food background on the slides as well.  oh here is the fun part that i mentioned earlier, there was other group presenting, they were paused for setting up their slides…the whole classroom was completely quite…guess what’s happened…somebody quietly FARTED hahaha…i guess i was the first one burst out of laugh then everyone started laughing as well..hahaha..i am actually lmao just by writing this down here…:D.

back to the project, this Thursday is the final presentation.  there will be a voting right after all the presentations done.  Three first place will have a bonus extra point to the final grade.  our project is quite simple, so….might not be voted for the first place…there is the best one to me so far, it was quite high level in programming…oh welll…still got to wait til Thursday to see the rest….they must have advantage because they could go last….and be fresh for the class to remember them.

CANT wait to get out of this semester!!!!

Lip Balm


Wheww…it’s been a looong day.  I’ve been working hard today at my mom’s salon and made lots of tip.  Summer has started ladies want to show toes and nails with colors :).  My mom and I mostly leave the shop late, even today it was storming and heavy raining.  I was a bit scared of the lightning and raining I guess because it reminded me of the hydroplaned accident that I had in the past month.

Before heading back to study I just wanted to make a quick post on here.  So I’ve just learned of which I’ve been wondering for awhile, that is what is the difference between lip balm and chap stick? well, during relaxing and playing with Google search, I found that chap stick is just a brand of lip balm, ChapStick, hahah..obviously its name has been a common noun ever since.

Speaking of lip balm, I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees  Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry like a week and half and I got to say that it is the BEST lip balm ever well at least that I’ve ever had.  It’s hydrating and restore my lips beautifully.  It really works what it did promise.  At first, it was kinda weird when my lips skin got dried up like it’s waited to be peeled off for its new younger layer of skin.  I had to scrub it off after the shower then reapply the lip balm.  The next morning, the lips felt awesome till now.  Maybe it was me not being hydrated enough.

If you compare its ingredients with ChapStick’s you can see the differences.  I’d love to do more research about them…next…Gotta study now..


Hello! I am back..


ok..I had created this page like two years ago, but never actually blogged.  The reason was that I didn’t know what to blog! I know it’s funny to say so.  Because I didn’t know what purpose to blog whether to share my things my thoughts or just simply day-by-day stuff.  Alrityy…let go to the main point here.  In the past year, I’ve been dating with a person that I believe I would be with him forever.  He’s brought me out of my shell which I’ve been sealed in for years and always wondered what is life out there.  He’s taught me lots of things and they always happened to be two folds of the matter.  To me he’s like a bridge between my own world and the big world out there, and I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, he has left to his deployment in Iraq, yes he’s served in the US Army, the past weekend he came back from his pre-deployment training in Texas for 4-day leave, and coincidentally my older sister’s engagement was on Monday as well.   It was extremely busy weekend I’ve had, it was also a day I would never forget.  While I was excited for my sister which it was a first engagement in my family, I was also sad seeing my man was gone behind the airport security entrance..he will be gone was for a year.

Last night an idea of getting back to blog was popped up in my mind.  I was thinking blogging will be my hobby while my bf is oversea, also he would know what’s happened in my life when he’s not here.  More important, I’d like to share my other hobbies (pictures, crafts, cool things etc.) here.

learning Viet culture

Yes I am Vietnamese, I was wearing modern traditional dress, and that is my bf.  We were helping the groom to carry his red trays of gift in order to officially ask for permission to see the bride.  Everyone liked this picture of us.  It looks like my bf came to ask me instead lol..

To learn more about Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony, click here: